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GT Force X is a formidable mountain bike designed with hands on input from Dan Atherton himself. This is a powerful bike model GT specially put out to reestablish their brand among the likes of Specialised and Giant. If you are looking for a spec-heavy mountain bike that delivers, then the Force X is for you.

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Bike Name Reseller Price
GT Force Carbon Expert 2020 X-Large
GT Force Carbon Expert 2020 X-Large
GT Force AL Pro 2020 X-Large Burgundy
GT Force AL Pro 2020 X-Large Burgundy
GT Force Carbon Pro 2020 X-Large Team Ye
GT Force Carbon Pro 2020 X-Large Team Ye

GT Force X Review

GT Force X is a machine made for hard riding and testing endurance (both yours and the bike’s). GT’s team riders, including the Atherton family, have gone all in when designing this model. Rather than looks, this model offers utility in its design. Though the curvy frameset splashed with color can be considered quite appealing as well.

We took the Force X for some hard riding to see if it lived up to the hype. The frame is carbon, not because it’s lightweight, but because carbon offers more strength over aluminum. That will certainly come in handy when you are taking this baby up a mountain or over a pothole filled, pebbly descent.

The muscular, yet creative frame, is a marvel to handle. It’s very involved, and supports the internal pierced seat tube quite well. Hard riding is made comfortable as possible on Force X bikes. When we sped downhill, it wasn’t exactly cushy, but the Force X managed to absorb much of the shock and keep the ride comfortable.

The drivetrain has ISCG tabs, but we don’t know why this irrelevant detail is there. Though we loved the model overall, we have to say the pedal feedback and braking power was limited because of the high-pivot suspension system.


  • Superior design
  • Incredible performance
  • Creative frame


  • Could do with a better suspension

The Verdict

GT Force X is the bike model you want to go with when you desire utility and high performance.

Also, regardless of the top-end specs on offer, this bike model is also very easy to handle. It’s lightweight, so tacking hilly terrain is not an issue. The redesign has definitely improved the model as intended.