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Fulcrum Red Wind is an affordable wheelset that allows aero performance. These wheels can help riders sail through the wind on race tracks without balance or friction issues. It comes with basic but essential features that even pros can love.

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Bike Name Reseller Price
Fulcrum Wind 50 XLR CULT Clincher Wheelset Performance Wheels
Fulcrum Wind 50 XLR CULT Clincher Wheelset Performance Wheels
$1,500 $1,605
Fulcrum Wind H50 XLR Wheelset CULT 2017
Fulcrum Wind H50 XLR Wheelset CULT 2017
$2,025 $1,780
You save 12%

Fulcrum Red Wind Review

Fulcrum Red Wind is not a big seller. But Fulcrum’s aero models begin with this Red Wind Series. This wheelset allows you to go fast without breaking the bank. Considering the affordability of the model, you can enjoy a fair share of features.

The Red Wind Wheels are combine an aluminum alloy braking surface with a structural carbon fiber rim set. The spokes are laced aero steel. The hubs are quite basic, but are durable and made up to the highest standards. The wheelset upon closer look is quite basic but offers all the necessary features. The aero section rims are 50mm deep. The hub bearings are adjustable and the spokes can be easily replaced. The hubs can spin smoothly right out of the box. The wheelset overall is a bit weighty at 1,858 grams. You can pair the set with Shimano or Campag freehubs.

Sure, the specs are not exactly fancy. But these wheels will definitely surprise you on the road. They perform like high-end Campag wheels, but you only had to pay less than $1,000. The Red Wind wheels excel when it comes to sidewinds. The wheels perform smoothly with a bit of stiffness, but without any discomfort or harsh grinding. You can get a really precise ride out of these wheels. The wheels definitely support high speeds as well. Plus, you will get extra accessories with the purchase, including a carrying bag and a quick release pair. In conclusion, the Red Wind wheels are an excellent choice for budget cyclists who want to experience a quick and hassle-free ride.

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  • Fast
  • Affordable
  • Aero steel spokes

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  • Modest specs
  • Limited and basic features
  • Not a big seller


The Verdict

Fulcrum Red Wind is the ultimate economical wheelset. You will get all the basic features you need. Even with modest features, this wheelset can speed decently.

If you are on a budget, this will be a solid wheelset to invest in.

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