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Fulcrum Racing 7 Review

Fulcrum Racing 7 is another one of the brand’s wheelsets that have gone on a diet and is now lighter. Fulcrum has also widened the rim keeping up with the latest developments in tire design and consumer choice. This is a bestselling wheelset that is sometimes referred to by its new name: Racing 7 LG.

In total, the Fulcrum Racing 7 wheelset is 90g lighter than it used to be. It’s completely racing ready as a result. The quality and performance have been improved dramatically with the new design as well. It retains some of the signature characteristics of the model, while there are some new and advanced features, like dynamic balance and oversized flanges. The brand has uniquely created an asymmetric rear rim to increase lateral and torsional rigidity and reactivity. So performance improved without having to compromise on weight. The front rim height is kept at 24mm, this ensuring optimal handling. The differentiated design transmits power evenly to the wheels so the cyclist has less to bear.

The new and improved designed also balanced spoke tensions between the drive and non-drive sides evenly. The 2mm spokes provide top tension levels and stiffness while reducing friction at the same time. Cyclists can expect consistent performance as a result, even after the wheelset is quite aged. Each pedal stroke offers top reactivity and responsiveness. The only downside is that there’s a maximum weight restriction on riders weighing 82 kg. This wheelset is not recommended for a rider weighing over 109 kg.

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  • Lighter than it used to be
  • Reduced friction
  • Better balanced spoke tension
  • Supports responsive pedaling
  • Widened rim

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  • Limited weight support


The Verdict

Fulcrum Racing 7 is definitely a wheelset a rider can count on. The updated design has many new desirable features that riders can benefit from.

If you can overlook the weight restriction limit, this wheelset is highly suitable for all kinds of riders.

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