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Fuji Track Review

Everything about the Fuji Track simply screams velodrome. From its geometry to its components, this bike is one that stays true to its name. It definitely belongs on a track. What we found, however, is that this bike has a little something extra to offer as well.

Despite having a chromoly frame, the Track is surprisingly light, weighing just a bit over 9 kilos. This is no small part is due to all of the butting on the frame and some of the components. All of this had us really excited to see what the Fuji Track would give us.

What we discovered was that this bike was truly wonderful to ride. Whatever you put into this bike is certainly what you will get out of its. There is absolutely no loss of energy. On the Track, you really can pick up some impressive speed.
It was more than just how fast the bike could go, however. It was also about how well it handled. The Track was incredibly responsive and we turned those corners with incredible precision. This is one of the reasons that this is a bike that is well suited to urban settings as well. On a busy street or battling against traffic, the Fuji Track wills hands down come out on top.

We also found the bike to be quite comfortable to ride. Even after a couple of hours spent on the bike, we had yet to notice any vibrations or discomfort. It would appear that the chromoly frame was doing a really good job of absorbing any bumps or disruptions in the road. Overall, the Fuji Track is a fun bike to ride and one that we would gladly hit up on a daily basis. Particularly with this price, it is definitely a bargain.


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Good geometry
  • Works well on track and in urban areas
  • Great handling
  • Affordable price


  • A little high of the ground
  • Tires need changing

The Verdict

The Fuji Track performs really well, particularly for a bike in its price range. There really are not many bad points about this bike.

The Track is a fun, responsive, and all around great bike to own.

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