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Forza C45 Review

It is difficult to discuss the precise weight of the Forza C45 as it is largely dependent on the features that you ask for. At a glance, however, you can expect the wheelset to weigh between 1500g and 1700g. This is not too shabby, especially considering the series focuses on aero features rather than lightness.

To be perfectly honest, I really did not notice the weight when I began my ride. The wheelset accelerated really well, from a stop without any delay whatsoever. I also found that the speed was easy enough to maintain and there was no huffing or puffing on my part at all. In this regards, the extra grams really don’t have much of an impact.

Typically, the weight begins to become an issue when you have to climb. This is overcome by the fact that this wheelset is wonderfully stiff. This makes it careening up slopes a lot easier than you can imagine. Not to mention the declines are really an experience to behold. Despite the lack of lightness, this really is a wheelset that is race ready.

To be fair, however, lighter riders may not be able to appreciate the beauty of the C45 as it is going to mean quite a bit of work for them. However, if you are a little heavier and haven’t had much success with other wheelsets, this may prove to be the one for you. This also goes for riders who boast a little bit more power in their riding style.

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  • Aerodynamic
  • Good for varying terrain
  • Great acceleration

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  • Weight
  • Price


The Verdict

The Forza C45 is great for individuals who can handle a little bit of extra weight but are looking for an aero design.

As long as you can overlook the weight and the price, the C45 is a topnotch design.

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