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Fast Forward F6C Review

Fast Forward F6C is a wheelset that comes with 4 extra spokes than the F6R. This means that these wheels are highly suitable for bigger and more powerful riders. The latest version even has an aero wheel that can work in tandem. When it comes down to it, this wheelset is all about control. You could say that the C in the model stands for control.

This wheelset is full carbon tubular. The wheels feature rims 60mm deep. The wheelset has top-end DARC profiles, superb FFWD hubs and 24/28 spokes. These wheels are recommended for riders weighing 90kg or more. What’s more, the wheels come with a special bag, valve extensions, brake pads and a quick release set.

The DARC rim profile refers to the double arc technology. It’s a design that reduces the drag on wheels, so aerodynamic functionality is amazingly improved. The design created a negative arc so the air will get compressed at the positive side. It increases the pressure at the topside, resulting in less resistance from the wheels. The body of the wheels are made from high tensile TC-35 carbon. So the rim is extremely strong and stiff to support high amounts of weight. The body does not weight down on the tires. The ultimate stiffness also results in longer lifespans for the wheels.

You don’t have to worry about the quality of this brand. FFWD is a company based in Netherlands and is well known for making carbon only bike parts that are of excellent quality.

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  • Supports heavier riders
  • Four extra spokes
  • Drag on wheels reduced
  • Super strong rim

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  • Can be quite expensive


The Verdict

Fast Forward F6C is a high-quality wheelset suited for professional and long-lasting use. If you are willing to spend money on a truly great wheelset, go for this product.

The many features will definitely not disappoint you for years to come.

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