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ENVE Smart System Review

ENVE Smart System is a generation of wheelsets co-developed by Simon Smart, the noted aero cyclist and adviser. These wheels are designed to be versatile and suitable for all manners of bikes. Enve wheels come with 60mm deep front and 70mm rear built spokes. The wheelsets are carbon tubular and have DT Swiss 240s hubs.

The front rims of these wheels are 26mm wide and the rear is 24mm in wide. The widths are differentiated to improve airflow around the two ends of the bike. As a result, force is evenly distributed so the rider can experience more comfort and better balance. The rim profile on ENVE wheels are specially designed to respond in a linear and expectant manner in crosswinds. So the cyclist generally has better control with these wheels. Also, these wheels perform the best at top speeds. The faster you cycle, the more balanced and comfortable the ride will be.

ENVE wheels are used mainly on road bikes, but they are compatible with other types of bikes as well, except a handful of specialty bikes. It’s easy to gain headwind on these wheels. Average speeds can be achieved with little effort, and speeding is about as fun as it can be with total control. The ENVE wheels are quite stiff, but they do not rub against brake blocks when accelerating at top speed. The stiffness also does not cause any unwanted friction on rough roads. Rides are smooth and stable overall with ENVE wheelsets. Pair a wheelset with ENVE brake pads to enjoy stable and also very safe rides.
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  • Versatile
  • Fits may types of bikes
  • Highly stable and stiff
  • Ensures good balance
  • Responsive to crosswinds
  • Easy to gain and maintain acceleration

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  • Wheels can be too stiff


The Verdict

ENVE Smart System is the wheelset you need if you are in incurable speed junkie. Only a few other wheelsets make it so easy to gather speed and maintain excellent control of a bike.

These wheels are exceptionally stable and racers can rely on the quality.

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