Dawes Galaxy

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Dawes Galaxy Review

One of the first things that we noticed about the Dawes Galaxy was its price. Coming in at less than $700, this nifty bike was definitely a steal for its price.

We didn’t expect great components either, and that is exactly what we got – standard, average gearing and brakes that had the right amount of performance and endurance for a decent ride over a long distance.

The gearing was actually a Shimano set with 24 speeds, and the tires were from Schwalbe, although they were all on the cheaper end of the spectrum.

The frame of the bike was a 6061 Aluminum alloy frame that was more than capable of standing up against the stresses of long rides while maintaining quality and keeping things nearly effortless.

In addition to this, there was a very handy luggage rack on the back that allowed us to store our kit without any problems at all.


  • Perfect for entry level riders
  • Very affordable indeed
  • Great tires
  • Very efficient


  • Brakes could use an upgrade

The Verdict

The Dawes Galaxy is one of the most capable entry level touring bikes out there. It is made for beginners who want to get used to going out on longer forays into the world, and does its job very well indeed.

We had a great time riding around on the Dawes Galaxy. It did have its own little shortcomings but was, for the most part, a great way for us to unwind and relax. A major part of this was that the tires and the saddle together were very comfortable!