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Cube Hyde is a bike model that is both an urban rider and also partly a race bike. It’s designed specifically to meet the needs of high-demand urban riders. This bike can handle most terrains in the city, and ensure high speeds along with comfort. If you are looking for a resilient bike model that can hold all that the urban jungle throws, then Hyde is your choice.

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Bike Name Reseller Price
Cube Hyde Herren 2018
Cube Hyde Herren 2018
Cube Hyde 2018
Cube Hyde 2018
Cube Hyde Pro Trapez 2018
Cube Hyde Pro Trapez 2018
Cube Hyde Pro 2018
Cube Hyde Pro 2018
Cube Hyde Race Herren 2018
Cube Hyde Race Herren 2018
 889  1,031
Cube Hyde Race 2018
Cube Hyde Race 2018

Cube Hyde Review

Cube Hyde s high-performance commuter bike. It looks and feels sturdy. We were very impressed by how well this bike performed during our review. We can say that it thrilled us like a race bike, and also made us confident like a regular road bike.

First things first. This bike model aims to make urban cycling more comfortable and free of hassles. Chain oil getting on your pant legs? That’s a thing of the past thanks to the Gates Carbon Drive belt. The belt is well covered, and also desirably silent.

Plus, this bike as a top-notch propulsion speeds, about 8, thanks to the Alfine hub. Regardless of the race bike-like speeds, the overall design is kept lightweight to fit urban needs. If you want to carry the bike to a subway train or a bus, then that’s not a problem.

The excellent double butted frame is also perfect for ensuring comfortable and smooth navigation. Things like belt tension can be adjusted easily. The mudguards, kickstand and the luggage rack have been installed with care as well.

Shimano BR-M355 hydraulic disc brake system is trustworthy is all weather conditions. We found mostly positives with this model. If there’s a downside, then the price would be it.

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  • Perfect for urban riding
  • No chain oil hassles
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable and reliable design

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  • Price can be too expensive


The Verdict

Speed through the urban jungle in a Cube Hyde. It mostly impresses.

This bike is good for riding even in melting snow. Speed is an issue most city commuters face with regular city bikes. Cube Hyde easily solves that problem. This easy to handle bike is perfect for commuting to and from work, for exercise or short getaways.

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