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Creme Holymoly Review

Most bikes are designed for men. Meaning that the heights and weights are adjusted to fit the average male’s height. Also, most commuter bikes are black or otherwise visually unappealing. Women may find such bikes hard to mount, ride and match with stylish outdits. Creme Holymoly is the bike model that wants to change all that.

The bikes of this model have traditional step-through frames, so women, especially short ones, will find it easy to mount or dismount. Stylish ladies will also benefit from the good looks of this bike, according to our reviewers.

Our reviewers for this model for all women. Half were used to riding gender neutral bikes, and the other half found regular bike models difficult to handle. None had problems with this bike. The design of this bike ensures an upright riding position. So journeys can be conducted in relative comfort. Also, older riders or riders with back pain will find it far easier ride this model.

The bike has two front and rear lights included to ensure safety at night. The saddle is very comfortable and won’t chafe. Also, there’s a chain guard and fully covered durable fenders that stay dry in all seasons and weather conditions.
However, ladies who like to speed will find this model a bit lacking.


  • For women
  • Easy to mount and dismount
  • Upright riding position
  • Very stylish design
  • Frame designed to stay dry
  • Comfortable saddle


  • Cannot handle aggressive speeds

The Verdict

Creme Holymoly is a wonderful bike for women. Short men and people with back issues will also benefit from this model.

If you want to ride to work or go shopping on a bike like diva, then Creme Holymoly definitely the model for you. This European hand built bike model is perfect for women who want to ride without a worry day and night.

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