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Cinelli Gazzetta is a high-end BMX bike model. It sports a highly classic look that many cyclists would find quite preferable. Other than looks, this bike model offers excellent speeds, navigation and reliability to tackle traffic in cities. If you are willing to spend money on a good-quality bike model, this is definitely one of the models to consider.

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Cinelli Gazzetta Della Strada 2019
Cinelli Gazzetta Della Strada 2019

Cinelli Gazzetta Review

Cinelli Gazzetta looks deceptively normal. It looks like a bike that they feature in children’s books about bicycles. Regardless of the simple, and classic design, this model is designed with superior performance in mind. The frame has excellent geometry to ensure top speeds and durability.

All of the above mentioned perks of this model were immediately noticeable when we took these bikes out for a spin. Pedalling was so easy it was like pushing feet into a block of soft butter. The elevated frame makes navigation easy. However, the average-sized top tube can make manoeuvrability difficult. While the bikes of this model can ride smoothly on a slightly bendy street, encounter a sharp bend and you could be in trouble.

The frame is a double butted Columbus Cro-mo. The model comes in varying sizes from extra small to extra large. The frame makes the bike aggressively speedy. However, the durable wheeset also makes the bikes of this model quite stealthy. We loved this model as a commuter bike. However, we have to say that the price tag can be high.

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  • Classic looks
  • Aggressive speeds
  • High performance
  • Sizes from extra small or extra large available

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  • Expensive
  • Limited manoeuvrability


The Verdict

Cinelli Gazzetta is a solid, albeit expensive bike model.

If you can manage the price tag, we don’t see any reason not to choose one of these bikes as your commuter bike. It rides smoothly in cities. Compared to other bikes, navigational capabilities are quite adept as well.

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