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Campagnolo Vento Review

The Campagnolo Vento is a bit of an odd duck in the Campagnolo family. On the one hand, it certainly does what it is supposed to. It is quite lightweight and has enough of aero features to make it a contender against most wheelsets of the same price range. However, you do have to deal with some issues that you typically do not find with other wheelsets from this company.

Let’s start with the good. One of favorite things about the Vento was that it helps you get that little extra boost that we were looking for. The acceleration was absolutely spot on and there was practically no drag. It also maintained that speed without a fuss. There was a decent amount of rigidity and balance and no wobbling around. Just as laudable is the braking. The wheelset comes to a halt smoothly and with no jerking or unnecessary wear on the tires.

There is also no denying that you get the utmost in comfort with this wheelset, which makes those longer journeys a little more bearable. Perhaps the major gripe with the Vento wheelset is that it is just not as durable as we hoped it would be. If you continue to ride it, particularly in rough weather conditions, you will find yourself having to replace them sooner rather than later. This does feel like a small price to pay for the overall performance nonetheless. While it may not be the highest performing Campagnolo wheelset, they aren’t too many complaints to make about this series.

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  • Great acceleration
  • Maintains speed well
  • Good braking
  • Good price

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  • Not very durable


The Verdict

The Campagnolo Vento is a wheelset that will definitely provide you with a speed boost, not to mention be sturdy and rigid.

Although it may not be the best option around, the Vento is certainly worth your interest.

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