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Brompton Review

We have long heard high praises of Brompton bikes. This UK-based model is an iconic brand in the cycling world. Some of us also know one or two hardcore Brompton fans who cannot live without their folding bikes. It’s a bit hard to review this model unbiasedly because we all have some form of opinion about it. So we did our best to review Brompton bikes professionally by taking several out and about.

Brompton’s biggest selling point is, of course, its foldability. These bikes are amazingly easy to fold into something one can carry by hand, in a backpack or even inside a coat (if you wear those massive English winter coats that is). It’s super easy to carry by hand using the nose of the seat for a handle. Also, it rolls behind like carry-on luggage at airports. It was interesting to note that these bikes are folds in a way that very convenient for the user. None of us had to worry about dirt getting onto our clothes when the bike is folded.

The bikes are quite lightweight. The models vary in weight from 20 to about 28lbs (this figure includes components like pedals). As for the actual rideability of the bike model, it’s very agile. Clearly, this is a bike made for the cities. It rides smoothly on sidewalks and goes quite fast with practically effortless peddling. On the flip side, if the road is rugged, Bromptons get bumpy and goes off course.


  • Compact, foldable bike
  • Good agility
  • Fast
  • Great for cities
  • Easy to carry
  • Iconic brand


  • Terrible on bad roads
  • Some models weigh close to 28lbs, which can be too heavy to carry for some

The Verdict

Brompton is the must-have bike model if you are a city commuter or an urban cyclist.

This is a highly compact and portable model. The bike model has decent speeds and is surprisingly agile. It’s easy to carry and ride as well. We can safely say that Bromptons are completely worth the hype.

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