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Bobbin Brownie Review

Considering that Bobbin started out nearly a decade ago solely for the purpose of creating affordable and simple bikes for the average rider, they’ve done a pretty solid job with the Brownie. The simple but women-friendly geometry add an sense of old school charm with a modern touch. There is something reminiscent of young women riding in full skirts in early 20th century French villages.

These bikes are superb for the low price tag of a few hundred bucks. We certainly enjoyed a leisurely ride in the park and around town with all our gear on the pannier racks. Muddier stretches are hardly an issue with the enclosed chain guard and full fenders.

The narrow frames make riding uphill relatively easy, but there is a bit of resistance on the back end on steeper climbs. These bikes are made of steel, however, so this is hardly a surprise. But for what you might lack in lightness, you gain in durability. These frames can take a hit.
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  • Women-specific geometry, ideal for hitting the street in a skirt
  • Full mudguards
  • Panniers
  • Enclosed chain guard
  • Excellent for regular commuting and leisure
  • Durable, sturdy frames

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  • A little tougher to ride on steeper climbs


The Verdict

A solid choice for a budget commuter bike, with a rustic charm and decent performance on the street.

The Bobbin Brownie is really for the simple and carefree ladies who need a trusty, reliable commuter and recreational bike. We would definitely recommend these bikes to women on a budget with basic riding needs.

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