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The Bobbin Birdie is a custom made bike by Bobbin Cycles, one of the lesser known but awesome bike makers out there. It is a very useful urban rider, and can be the quintessence of style and nostalgic charm in the modern age of speedsters. Overall, a very aesthetically pleasing ride!

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Bike Name Reseller Price
Bobbin Birdie amp
Bobbin Birdie amp
$460 $368
You save 20%
Bobbin Birdie 8 2017 amp
Bobbin Birdie 8 2017 amp
$560 $561
Bobbin Bicycles Birdie 8 Speed 2017 Blue Green
Bobbin Bicycles Birdie 8 Speed 2017 Blue Green

Bobbin Birdie Review

When we saw the Bobbin Birdie, we fell in love with how it looked. If ever a bike had the right to call itself vintage, the Birdie was it. It looks like the ultimate World War II era urban bike. With a step-through frame made out of steel along with a nice internal gearing hub from Sturmey with 3 speeds, the Birdie made us quite happy.

The bike manages to look great and work pretty well at the same time, which was more than incredibly for us. In addition to this, the color scheme for the bike was pretty nice too. We also noticed mudguards, racks, a springy seat and a kickstand, all of which fit perfectly on this upright bike.

Of course, there were problems too – the seat tended to chafe at times, and there was a noticeable lack of a front light, a nice chain guard and even a guard against skirts getting stuck in the chain. Overall, we thought that it was a great commuter bike.
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  • Nice frame design and vintage look
  • Quick and easy shifting
  • Perfect for commuting

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  • Not the most comfortable


The Verdict

A commuter bike that has been built to provide nostalgic charm in its design while maintaining functionality and serving its purpose extremely well.

Of course, the comfort issue did put us off a bit. For the most part though this was a bike that we wanted to be seen on, and it was one that we looked forward to testing. Made for women, this is a bike that is bound to make any commuter happy!

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