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The Biria Easy Boarding bike is one that was made for a single purpose – to be easy to board. That is exactly what it is. The design of the bike is perfect for boarding for elders, seniors, and people with minor disabilities.

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Biria Low Step Easy Boarding Single Speed Cruiser Coaster
Biria Low Step Easy Boarding Single Speed Cruiser Coaster

Biria Easy Boarding Review

The Biria Easy Boarding bike was one for which we had high expectations, and they really did pay off. Perfect for people from the older generation who aren’t as flexible as they used to be.

The bike itself is one of the most comfortable out there, with raised bars, a nice guard for the chain, and an aluminum frame that is built for stability and durability. A top tube has apparently been eradicated from the design of the bike, and has been replaced by gussets that have been widened for extra stiffness. This means that the bike can be mounted with so much ease that it’s mind-blowing.

The gearing hub is internal, so that shifting is also easy even when you are stationary. We also noticed during our review that the pedals of the bike are positioned in such a way that they are slightly forward from the usual position.

This can work really well because it leads to full leg extension when pedaling while keeping the height of the bike short enough for feet to rest flat on the ground.


  • Very senior-friendly design
  • Rear rack and front basket
  • Fenders and chain guard
  • Very unique pedal and frame design
  • Durable aluminum frame


  • Made for a very niche market

The Verdict

The Biria Easy Boarding bike doesn’t falsely state anything – it actually delivers on the promise that it will be easy to board. Seniors, elderly people, and anyone with pain can go for this bike for the best experience ever!

We really enjoyed the Biria Easy Boarding, and for a lot more than its unique design – it also had some pretty smooth rides. While it isn’t for everyone, it is definitely a great bike to own for the future.

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