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If you are looking for a bike that can be ridden every day, day in and day out, then the Biria Citi is the model for you. This bike has a Hi-Ten Steel frame and a steel Unicrown fork. It has a unique design which makes it perfect for daily use. This bike is also an incredibly affordable model.

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Biria Single Coaster York
Biria Single Coaster York

Biria Citi Review

The Biria Citi is certainly a very striking bike. This is because unlike most of the other bicycles on the road, this design is quite retro. This is hardly a setback as it really does add simple elegance to your daily commute. It is not just the appearance of the Citi that had us delighted, however, it was also the functionality.

When you are looking for a bike to take you from point A to B, one of your main concerns is capability and comfort. In this field, the bike really did succeed. It was an incredibly smooth and comfortable ride. It was easy to manage and sturdy in its composition. The gears changed easily with no problem.

More importantly, the bike has been designed to accommodate most of the requirements of an everyday bike. For instance, you can easily swing a leg over this bike, regardless of the clothing that you are wearing. Additionally, the bike comes equipped with carrier stands that allow you to pile on any baggage if you choose. This, too, is quite helpful if you are planning on riding the bike to work or school.

If there were to be one complaint about this bike it would be the lack of gears. The Biria Citi has just three gears. Most of the time this is quite alright. However, the second you need to climb a slightly hilly area, the bike becomes quite difficult to manage. For those of smaller stature, the Citi may also be a little heavy. This, too, can pose a few problems when trying to get uphill.

Overall, however, when you consider the cost, the Biria Citi really is a wonderful option. It is definitely something you should look at if you want a more user friendly bike.


  • Smooth handling
  • Comfortable ride
  • Very affordable
  • Plenty of carrier space
  • Great for daily commute


  • Too few gears
  • A little heavy

The Verdict

The Biria Citi is perfect for riding to and from home every day. It is comfortable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.

Due to its reasonable pricing, the Biria Citi really shines in this particular niche. It is a fun and dependable bike to ride.

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