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Bianchi Pista model offers Italian-made track bikes ideal for riding on paves roads as well as wild, countryside roads. This model is ideal for those looking for road bikes that are comfortable and easy to handle for long journeys. Pista bikes are also stylishly designed, and very nimble on a wide variety of terrains.

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Bianchi Pista Steel 2019
Bianchi Pista Steel 2019

Bianchi Pista Review

Bianchi Pista bikes offer top-notch geometry for those who love long rides. Unlike other track bikes, the overall design is not made to be awfully aggressive. The bike is made for smooth rides on the road. The bars and the stem can weigh as much as 10 pounds on some bikes, so this may not be the perfect ride for going uphill. However, all the parts offer great stability and responsiveness everyone desires from their road bikes.

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