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3T Orbis II Review

3T Orbis II belongs to the Orbis range of wheels that come with a wider than average rim. The wider tires help lower the rolling resistance. These wheels have a blunted aero shape to give riders the chance to execute a superb aerodynamic performance. Plus, the aero shape is dang up to date. This wheelset is made from alloy and carbon. Most parts are carbon including the fiber rims.

The wide wheels support thick and weighty clincher tires with low inflation pressure. So, it gives more grip when riding, especially for racers. The pressure level also makes riding more comfortable. This wheelset is designed in the 3T linear+ system. It has 20-inch spokes on the front tires and 24-inch spokes in the back, and internal inverted nipples. The rim is 25mm wide and 50mm deep exactly. The weight of the wheelset comes to at about 1.6kg. These specs are deliberately included to make aerodynamic performance easy.

Considering the above-mentioned specs, this wheelset is quite unique. While it may not be what every rider needs, this is the wheelset you need for aerodynamic performance. You can ride well at the usual angles to the wind without a worry. 3T Orbis II offers many benefits, including more contact with the surface, less energy expenditure rolling and better handle control. Also, the risk of punctures is also low thanks to the unique build. Overall, this wheelset will be fantastic for riders who expect an advanced performance out of their bikes.


  • Wider rims than regular wheelsets
  • Excellent aerodynamic performance
  • Less risk of punctures
  • Less energy expenditure
  • More contact with surface


  • Not the best for non-aerodynamic riding

The Verdict

3T Orbis II is a highly advantageous wheelset with uniquely wide rims that lower rolling resistance. If you are really into aerodynamic performance, this wheelset is definitely worth investing in.

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