Jai Hindley Generously Donates His Maglia Rosa To Madonna del Ghisallo Museum After Winning Giro d’Italia

"I was impressed by the wall of pink jerseys and so I thought I would bring mine too,"

Jai Hindley Donates Maglia Rosa

Winning the overall title at Giro d’Italia was no easy joke, but that did not stop Jai Hindley from donating his signed Pink Jersey to the Madonna del Ghisallo museum after ascending the mountain. Just imagine that, something that you won after so much struggle and just like that you donated it, this is a different type of determination to sports.

Hindley, after winning the Giro has been enjoying his time and rightfully so. He has been on vacations and during that time period, he decided to pay the famous museum a visit. The path to this museum is tricky as it rests atop the Il Lombardia climb.

This was not an official visit, it was not sponsored or anything like that. Hindley paid for his own tickets and went for a visit. The excitement and determination could be clearly seen on his face:

I was impressed by the wall of pink jerseys and so I thought I would bring mine too.

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Such a rich collection of pink jerseys Hindley saw at the Madonna del Ghisallo museum. Amongst the collection were Egan Bernal’s Jersey that he won in 2021, and we also saw Gilberto Simoni’s jersey that he won in 2003. Hindley felt really proud hanging his Maglia Rosa in that collection, it was a moment of pure joy. You can see his excitement in the video below.


Hindley has shown a lot of courage, he has also shown what it means to be a role model to the new upcoming generation. How he won the Giro d’Italia by cracking down on Richard Carapaz will be remembered for a while now.



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