Jackson Huntley Nash Banned For A Lifetime

The Former motorcyclist turned cyclist, was found violating multiple anti-doping rules.

Jackson Huntley Nash

After the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) conducted a thorough investigation on Jackson Huntley Nash, The agency decided to put a lifetime ban on the cyclist on Wednesday, 10th August. Nash is guilty of violating many rules. 

The investigation started in 2021 when a whistleblower gave information related to the former motorcyclist turned cyclist. He was found guilty on seven accounts which are:

  1. Use or Attempted Use of Prohibited Substances, including testosterone, clenbuterol, oxandrolone, and anastrozole
  2. Tampering or Attempted Tampering with any part of Doping Control by interfering with USADA’s investigation
  3. Possession of Prohibited Substances, including testosterone, clenbuterol, oxandrolone, and anastrozole
  4. Trafficking or Attempted Trafficking of Prohibited Substances clenbuterol and oxandrolone to another athlete
  5. Administration or Attempted Administration of Prohibited Substances of human growth hormone, clenbuterol, and oxandrolone to another athlete
  6. Complicity or Attempted Complicity by encouraging another athlete to use prohibited substances
  7. Retaliation by filing a meritless petition for a protective order against an individual based in part on the individual’s report to USADA of Nash’s anti-doping rule violations

The authorities also made comment on the matter, stating:

This is yet another case that demonstrates the power of investigations in the shared fight to protect sport and athletes’ rights

They said that USADA will continue to hunt down alleged violaters so that cycling is a safe sport for all:

As always, we will thoroughly investigate and act on evidence of doping violations, and greatly appreciate the assistance of those who come forward on behalf of clean sport

Although Nash has raced in multiple events, Spartanburg Criterium 2021 was his most noted. He took the 6th position in the 2021 April’s Miami Prix Criterium Series Men. His ineligibility starts on June 30, 2022, and his disqualification starts on December 15, 2021. It applies to all the races after the mentioned date because the evidence against him was collected on this date. 

He was in a relationship with Olivia Ray, the professional racing cyclist from New Zealand. The relationship was a difficult one. While Olivia herself confessed to using performance-enhancing drugs. The New Zealand championship winner herself is awaiting the verdict of the USADA. However, her team  Human Powered Health terminated their contract with her because she violated the code of conduct. 

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