Cadel Evans Shows Confidence In Hindley Winning Tour de France: Never say Never

“The Tour de France is better-known in Australia, it’s more international there and it would be the logical step"
Cadel Evans Praises Jai Hindley

It is easy to follow in the footsteps of your role models, but when role models start applauding you for your performance is when it becomes truly special. This is what happened to Cadel Evans and Jai Hindley, when both of them were united for the love of sports and the love of their country. Evans got to know that the first Tour de France Hindley saw was in 2011 when he himself was leading the charge, this alone filled him with happiness.

Since Evans is Hindley’s role model, it only made sense to pass on the torch to the young Australian. As Jai Hindley won the overall title of Giro d’Italia last weekend, it only brought him closer to winning the Tour de France. Evans believes in young Hindley, the chances of success have increased and he only had one thing to say: Never say Never.

Cadel Evans said excitingly:

I think of all the things you do as a sportsperson – and you maybe give trophies or prize money or whatever – seven years after my last professional race, the thing I appreciate the most about it is hopefully being a good role model for my country and beyond.

So to hear Jai saying that, on a personal level it gives me great satisfaction to hear that now.

And on a side note, in 2022, I was on my couch jumping up and down as he did what he did on the Fedaia so I drove to Verona to watch him go by in the final time trial. Just as a fan and to see him and for us [Australians] it’s history being made.

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Whether Hindley participates in the Tour de France this year or not, it won’t change the fact that he seems ready for it. Evans also had some words to share about Hindley following in his shadow and winning a Tour de France.

Winning the Giro is a great start and I’m interested in where he goes from here.

The Tour de France is better-known in Australia, it’s more international there and it would be the logical step.

But the thing is the Tour is a different race. The course of the Giro is harder, physically and the level of the race is higher as it’s getting more and more international over the last few years, to the great delight of the Giro organisers.

One more thing that Evans pointed out that from now on, Hindley will not have to fly solo, he will have to rely on his team more. Hindley can work really well under pressure, that is something which will come in handy in future races. A recent example of him is from the Giro, when everyone was making reckless choices and attacking no matter what. It was Jai who remained patient and delivered an amazing performance winning the Giro d’Italia.



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No matter what happens now, the World will not be able to forget Jai Hindley. His success has only begun!

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