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Schwinn Corvette is a classic bike model originally made in the 1950s. If you are into retro and vintage bikes, then this is the model for you. The new Corvettes retain the unique curved frame of the original, but certain specs have been upgraded. It’s a cool, signature bike model to have as an urban commuter.

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Schwinn Micro Corvette
Schwinn Micro Corvette

Schwinn Corvette Review

Schwinn Corvette became super popular in the post WWII decade, and has been a commuter favorite ever since. If you buy a Corvette brand new, you will obviously get an upgraded model. The steel frame retain the original shape, but has modern amenities like rust-proof paint. Also the drivetrain has been upgraded to Shimano 7-speed. You will also get a microSHIFT shifter for extra gears, a more comfortable saddle than your grandma had, and handlebar grips for comfort.

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