Bicycle Touring Experiences from Vietnam


On this page we attempt to make available the experience of individual bicycle tourists who travel to Vietnam (you can share your experiences here).

Tandem on Vietnamese Train

In 2009 we traveled from Nha Trang to Hue by train. Our tandem had to go in a baggage car. We bought our tickets the night before we planned to take the train and were told that the tandem would be able to go on our train. When we arrived at the train station we were told that the tandem would have to go on a later train. We left the tandem at the station and took our train. The tandem did not arrive until the next day.

Greg Pottorff, February 23, 2011

Gaerlan Folding Bikes in Vietnam, etc.

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My wife and I try to tour overseas every year and got tired of the hassle of full size boxed bicycles. It is no fun having to push two boxed bikes for endless blocks in Tokyo. Now we have two folders from ( Last January we rode part of the Vietnam coast ( We got to Saigon and after two days flew with the bicycles in their regular size suitcases to Hue, the beginning of our tour. We mail the empty suitcases from Hue to Saigon's main Post Office (Poste Restante) for about $2.00 each. Completed the tour and got the suitcases at Saigon's Main Post Office, no problem. I think you can do this in most countries, even within the US (ie, Seattle to San Diego)

In our case the rack fits inside the suitcase with the bicycle. We don't carry much stuff when overseas. Most of the time motels and hostels are very cheap thus all our stuff fits in an expandable trunk bag, a handlebar bag and a medium-large size camelback type backpack. We take the handlebar and backpacks with us in the plane and place the trunk bags in a very light weight duffel bag that has some extra space for any purchases we made. We like this set up, and for now, don't think would go back to boxed bikes.


Carlos Duque, September 22, 2003

Bikes on Cathay Pacific and Vietnam Airlines

I travelled through Vietnam April 2002 on a bicycle and used Cathay Pacific and Vietnam Airlines. I had a bike box out of Australia into Hong Kong and onto Hanoi with no problems at any airport. I paid the small excess for it to travel with me on trains in Vietnam with no problems, just make sure you arrive early to check the bike in at the station.

I also used buses in Vietnam with the bike travelling on top of the bus without concern. I returned to Australia with the bike packed not in a box but wrapped in food wrap, plastic sheeting, tape and string with the pedals, wheels and seat removed to help reduce it's overall size, apart from the curious looks I got at check-ins I had no problems with either airline.

wayne, May 10, 2003

Hanoi -- Vietnam

It's an easy 36 km from Hanoi's Old Quarter to the airport (Dec 2002). Cross the Red River by the railway bridge (bicycles aren't allowed on the road bridge). Cycle c.11 km along Route 1 until you cross a girder bridge; turn left just past here onto Route 3 (signposted to Viet Tri). Follow main road for c.30 km, ignoring turn-offs, then turn left onto Route 2 (again signed to Viet Tri). After 3.3 km you finally hit a signpost for the airport - turn right and it's another 3 km.

Airport departures is on the upper floor; cross to the other side of the road for the access ramp. There is a huge X-Ray machine so there is no need to dismantle your bike.

Pete Jones, January 31, 2003

Touring Vietnam

VeloAsia Cycling Adventures has been organizing tours to Vietnam since 1992 for veterans (or others) who are interested in cycling through Vietnam. We also provide information and resources on cycling in Asia as well as a few other destinations. You can learn more about us at: Velo Asia, March 20, 1999

Hanoi -- Vietnam

"Hanoi airport is some 45 Km from the city centre, so it's best to arrive with plenty of daylight to cycle to the city. The alternative is a US $20.00 plus taxi ride that is best avoided for several reasons, apart from cost. The highway is tolerable to cycle, though it will be quite a shock at first ..."

Bicycle Fish / in Adelaide SA
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Bicycle Fish, September 28, 1998

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