Vietnam Airlines Bike Experiences

On this page we attempt to make available the experience of individual bicycle tourists who have travelled with Vietnam Airlines (you can share your experiences here).

Bikes on Cathay Pacific and Vietnam Airlines

I travelled through Vietnam April 2002 on a bicycle and used Cathay Pacific and Vietnam Airlines. I had a bike box out of Australia into Hong Kong and onto Hanoi with no problems at any airport. I paid the small excess for it to travel with me on trains in Vietnam with no problems, just make sure you arrive early to check the bike in at the station.

I also used buses in Vietnam with the bike travelling on top of the bus without concern. I returned to Australia with the bike packed not in a box but wrapped in food wrap, plastic sheeting, tape and string with the pedals, wheels and seat removed to help reduce it's overall size, apart from the curious looks I got at check-ins I had no problems with either airline.

wayne, May 10, 2003

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