Bicycle Touring Experiences from Uzbekistan


On this page we attempt to make available the experience of individual bicycle tourists who travel to Uzbekistan (you can share your experiences here).

Train Uzbekistan

We took the train from Tashkent to Bughara (US$18,- for a four persons coupe for 12 hours). One bicycle we placed in the luggage area above and one on the upper bed. The luggage went into the luggage area under the benches.

We bribed the conductor that no other ‘non-ticketed’ persons were allowed in our cabin who got on the train on the way. I also stayed in the door opening til the train left, to make sure no people without a ticket would get in our coupe (just asked them if they had a ticket).

On request of the train master we removed the wheels from the bicycles. We heard a story by two French girls (without bicycle) who took the train to Nukus the conductor said their ticket was not in order and they had to leave the train immediately (actually he wanted a donation), but the others said they just should keep sitting on the train. Often if you’re bullied, just smile and most of the times they can not hold up their act for a long time.

raymond thuring, August 23, 2004

Taxi Uzbekistan

Two MTB’s easily fit (upside down) in the backside of a Lada. If it’s a local (bit smaller) product, one in the trunk and one on the roof. Bring some small straps to tighten the bicycles and prevent damage (better than the local ropes). Just be bold if they say no in the first place.

raymond thuring, August 23, 2004

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