Bicycle Touring Experiences from Taiwan


On this page we attempt to make available the experience of individual bicycle tourists who travel to Taiwan (you can share your experiences here).

Taipei, Taiwan

My bike was put on the luggage transport belt. On the way up to the luggage collection hall, it got stuck. The system was down for 5 minutes, my bike was damaged and I found airport employees smashing my bike around in real anger. From the airport, the first 5 kms (until the airport hotel) is freeway, not allowed for bikes. I did it anyway without problems (one time exper.)

Jan Boonstra, June 03, 2015

Biking in Taiwan and the return

Picked up a Giant Anthem S and rode for 5 months in Taiwan. Loved it! Transport via bus is ok, train very iffy and many time NOT. But the people are great and most things very convenient. Return bike packing done by giant and was great. NWA charge $137 for the return to Mpls. Need more info give me a shout.

Tom K, November 02, 2008

Taipei / Taiwan - Kuala Lumpur - Rome with Malaysia Air

We left Taipei International Airport with Malaysia Air via Kuala Lumpur to Rome, Italy. We carried two packed touring bikes and many bags with a total weight of 80 kg (incl. the bikes).

The travel agent told us that the max. baggage weight with Malaysia Air will be 20 kg each in economy class. Later we called the counter at the airport that granted an extra bonus of 5 kg each without any arguments, allowing a total of 50 kg for the two of us.

Any extra kilo would be charged at check in with 882 NTD, that’s about 25 USD, they said.

The big shock was when they wanted to weight not only the bags, but the bikes as well. But amazingly the balance measured a total of 49 kg only.

Afterwards on arrival in Rome we measured our two pieces of hand luggage (nobody cared about their heaviness before) and they made an impressing 30 kg together!!!

Patrik, July 01, 2003

Taipei, Taiwan

I had no problems flying my bike into and out of Taiwan. Flying in, my boxed bike was waiting for me on a baggage cart next to the baggage claim carousel. Flying out, there was an additional security check on checked baggage for all U.S.-bound flights, and my bike box even fit the X-ray machine.

However, next time I go to Taiwan, I will be buying a folding bike there -- cheap -- and bringing it back!

Chung-chieh Shan, July 10, 2002

Singapore Airlines (Sydney, Australia / Singapore / Taipei, Taiwan), Taiwanese taxi.

I flew Sydney, Australia / Singapore / Taipei, Taiwan in June 2002 on Singapore Airlines.

No bike box required. No handlebar straightening required. No pedal removal required.

Just had to ride-on-up and let down the tires.

The woman at the counter wasn't very happy or helpful, and neither was the oversized baggage loading guy (where I dropped off my bike). The former tried to convince me I should have boxed it, but I told her I had rung up and been informed that I would be able to ship it regardless however any damage would be my problem... she grudgingly labelled it and sent me onward to latter's post at the corner of the terminal.

When I arrived in Taipei, it was just sitting there 'upside down' in the middle of the baggage-retrieval area, next to the assigned carousel.

Got a taxi in to the city from the airport, seemingly this hasn't been done before. After taking the front wheel off, the taxi-assignment official calmed from an initial 'no way' attitude, and an enterprising cabbie dashed up from halfway down the rank and helped me out.
Its a pricey trip .. maybe NT1800 (USD45) or so in to the city!

Walter, June 30, 2002

Train travel in Taiwan and China

Just a quick report on trains in China and Taiwan.
In Taiwan and China travel with a bike on a train usually means that you must travel separtately with up to three day delay waiting for your bike to come as freight.
You can easily avoid this by travelling by bus/ coach where bikes go in the luggage hold or on teh roof. However in China as bus is slow and uncomfortable this is far from ideal. Trains are also preferable in Taiwan on the East coast.
If you put the bike in a bike bag with both wheels and the handle bar removed you can usually get the bike on board the train with you without extra charge.

Rory, March 06, 2001

China Airlines

I used a custom aluminum medal hard case (silver color) to pack my bike.

Check in on San Francisco (SFO) airport with China Airlines, flying to destination Ipoh, Malaysia. Airline just asked me what in it, I reply sports equipment, they let me check in as checkin luggage. When I arrived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the airline found out my bike case was delayed at Taipei. I continued my flight from KL to Ipoh, Malaysia. They rushed me the case next day to Ipoh and I just picked it up from the airport, custom was easy, they ask what's in it, told them it's a bike I used for training/exercise and will bring in back to US after I done with the trip.

My dad (from Ipoh) drives a Jeep SUV, so transport the bike to my house in Ipoh was no problem.

On the return trip from Ipoh back to SF also problem free, check the case in at Ipoh airport all the way to SF. Case arrived unharmed in SFO airport.

So, transporting the bike was relatively problem free except the 1 day delay when it arrived to Ipoh.

Ipoh is a relatively small town (300,000 population), 2 flights a day Ipoh - KL (capital of Malaysia).

Kwan Low

Kwan Seng Low , April 10, 2000

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