Bicycle Touring Experiences from South Korea

South Korea

On this page we attempt to make available the experience of individual bicycle tourists who travel to South Korea (you can share your experiences here).

Korean Airlines

I flew with a bicycle return Bangkok, Thailand, to Toronto, Canada in July 2006. The flight was via Seoul and I packed the bicycle in a box including accessories, tools, gear, and some clothes for extra padding. I didn't experience any problem with the airline and the box arrived unscathed.

Daniel Sarosi, August 16, 2006

Bike Friday, Atlanta to Korea

Flew from Atlanta to Seoul on KAL at the end of November with a fully packed Bike Friday case. Held the bike together with velcro and all small parts in a single thick ziplock bag. KAL staff were very helpful and the case was not opened or checked. I don't expect it to be this easy the next time. Don't forget to leave the case unlocked, and put a reminder in it to help the TSA staff if they need to inspect.

Vic Rivera, February 18, 2004

Jan Boonstra's touring site

Jan Boonstra's touring site specializes in Korea and the far east

Jan Boonstra, March 20, 1999

Seoul, Korea

Bicycles are rare in Korea, so at the airport nobody knows how to handle a bike as luggage and rules are invented on the spot. I took my bike out of Seoul 6 times and it has always been a different story (and struggle). But one positive aspect: on both international terminals there is a special service for packing oversized luggage. They pack your bike in a few minutes and it's cheap.

Jan Boonstra, February 06, 1997

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