Bicycle Touring Experiences from Slovakia


On this page we attempt to make available the experience of individual bicycle tourists who travel to Slovakia (you can share your experiences here).

Slovakia Trains

I traveled by bicycle and train across Slovakia during a week in September 2002. In general, trains within the country will accept a bicycle at the baggage window. Remove your bags and hand your bike to the baggage people, who will tag and load it onto a baggage car. Reclaim your bike from the baggage people upon arrival. There is a small extra charge for the bike, but costs in Slovakia are so low that it isn't worth worrying about. I spent about $150 US for a 6-day trek, including all lodging (pensiones), meals, trains, personal items and a couple of easy-to-carry souveniers.

I entered and left Slovakia via the Austrian border at Marchegge, connecting to Bratislava via the 2-car (slow) local, which has room for 2-3 bikes in the passenger car.

Note that I was denied bicycle space on an international train connection from Kosce to Budapest in Hungary -- it appears that at the time of my trip, bicycles were not allowed on international trains in or out of Hungary.

Jim Eychaner, December 06, 2002

Prague, Czechslovakia

Prague - Easy road access, CSA (Czech) airlines not used to dealing with bikes - we travelled free after some negotiation. (Summer 93) Also, careless baggage handlers at Prague

Rlesnik, April 13, 1994

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