Bicycle Touring Experiences from Russia


On this page we attempt to make available the experience of individual bicycle tourists who travel to Russia (you can share your experiences here).

Trans-Siberian (Ulaan Baatar to Moscow)

We were told there was a luggage carriage on our train, but there was none. We travelled first class which gave enough space for 6 bags and the tandem (split with SandS couplings) in the compartment.

There is an overhead storage which is about 165x30x100cm (wxhxd) which took our whole tandem, wheels and all. 2 solo frames would probably fit with the wheels going somewhere else. There is loads of space under the seats for bags. If you are 2nd class you might have to fight to get the overhead space for the bikes and as first class was only 140US$ it was definitely worth it.

We did not fill in a Mongolian customs form declaring the bike on entry (came in overland from China) and this was not a problem on exit.

We made sure that the bike was declared on the Russian declaratsia although customs were not impressed with this and no one questioned us as we flew out from Moscow.

Alistair Morris, September 18, 2004

Bus -- Kyrgyzstan

Your bicycle inside the luggage area is not a problem (if not already full). Complete Yurtas (=Nomad tents) are transported in the back side of the bus and your bicycle can easily go on top. Remember that, like in most public transport, you pay extra for the bicycle/luggage.

Our experience is 1 bicycle = 1 person (when you are with 2 bicycles it can also be 1 person). Sometimes it takes some persuasion from the ticket office that the bus driver needs to take you and your luggage. Expect to pay the bus driver separate as well (hey, he's got children too!)

raymond thuring, August 23, 2004


In Bishkek we arranged a van through the ticket office to pick us up from the guesthouse and to bring us to the airport. Of course, like in Uzbekistan, a MTB fits easily upside down in the back side of a taxi. Bring some straps to tie your bicycle your own way.

raymond thuring, August 23, 2004

Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Russia,Tallinn,Estonia

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According to my experiences, international air transport is about the same level to Moscow as to St. Pete's. But the airport of St. Petersburg is a bit better for cyclists. And there are more possibilities to fly in and out of the same airport if you go to St. Pete. It's an easy haul by train or bus from St. Pete to Tallinn.

From Tallinn to Germany there's a good and comfortable ferry, which accepts bikes. Transport options by train (with the bike as a bike) are reasonable-good between Germany, Belgium and France. So you could elect any airport in these countries, an go to the right place. Or buy tickets by special bike-bus to Portugal from somewhere in North-West Europe.


Ivo Miesen, September 14, 2002

Touring with a folder in Russia, Tibet, China ...

Dear George,

I read your bike travel page with the great interest. Thank you for making such interesting web page. I also travel a lot, but on folding bicycle. If you wish you may reprint some of my stories on your web page. I am sure many people will find them interesting and funny.

My trip reports are published by 2 web sites:


  • Alex Mumzhiu, January 11, 2002

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