Bicycle Touring Experiences from Poland


On this page we attempt to make available the experience of individual bicycle tourists who travel to Poland (you can share your experiences here).

Rolling Across Europa

My site tells the story of my ride from Lviv, Ukraine to Napoli to London in 2006. (There's just a little info on Heathrow toward the end, plus mention of the Channel ferry I took.) There are many stories and photographs, with a lot of information for other travelers. Hopefully, others will find it helpful. I rode as an amateur and completed my route, which shows that you don't have to be a great cyclist to travel far (about 7900 km). The trip also raised a little money for HIV orphans in Ukraine, and I hope to do a longer ride in 2008 and raise a lot more!!

John Robinson, June 28, 2007

North west Poland

Travelled on a friday evening with bikes from Loznica (a very small village) to the seaside resort of Swinoujscie with a bike and recumbent trike. Had to pay extra to take the bikes (about 5-6 zlotys I think, which was about half the cost of our regular tickets). Train was several feet above the platform, so removal of panniers is advisable. It was a crowded train but people still moved aside for us and reached down to help pull the bikes on.

Helen, August 24, 2006

Rent a Bike in Poland

If you spend your holidays or just planning vacation in Poland (in Mazury Region or in Cracow) and you would like to vivit some interested places nearby or take some longer excursion there`s no need to bring your bike along with you... There is much more convienient way to discover the world from bike`s saddle. Just take a look at

Karol Lubiejewski, July 18, 2004


Thought I would share with you my ride today south of Warsaw Poland.

I parked my car on the small road just over the bridge from Gora Kawaria. I rode straight on that road all the way to the end about 30KM. At the end I turned left into a town Parysow. I went till I had gone 50KM. I then turned around and started back.

At 60 KM (40 from my car) I hit a hole and wala a flat. I took out my spare tube and filled it with CO2. Naturally the CO2 was too strong and blew the tire. There I was in a road with no cars. I tried my patch kit but it did not work.

I waited 10 minutes then a Stoiska (courier service) came. He drove me 10 KM out of his way to a town, Garwolin. He took me to a bike shop but they only had mountain bikes. The shop tried to patch the tube but it did not work. He sent a kid to another bike shop to get a tube. The kid came back and we put the tube in.

I then asked the kid to take me to the other bike shop which had things for road bikes. I brought a spare tube and a pump. Meanwhile all the hangouts there went over my bike with a fine tooth come picking it up, etc. Then one of them asked if he could ride with me to so I waited for him. We rode together back to my car. I started at 8:00 and get back t my car at 3:00 PM.

All in all it was a lot of fun all the people could not have been nicer. The truck driver would not take any money and the first bike shop tried to fix the flat for free. Meanwhile the route was great most of the roads were very good and few cars.

Norman Sherran, June 10, 2004

LOT Polish Airlines

Last July I took my bike to Italy upon my return to Warsaw, Poland from Milan Airport my bike case came out on the belt with the top smashed and the plastic cracked.

I proceeded to baggage claim and we opened the case to determine if the bike was OK. Naturally I could not get it closed and when I asked for straps I was told there are none. Only after I threatened to get the airport manager did they come out with a box of straps.

The Milan Airport completely mishandled the case. I understand since then all the baggage handlers were fired for stealing.

Norman Sherran, October 24, 2003


Found on:

I always found two bike boxes of different sizes. After carefully packing the bike in one box (remove rear derailleur, wood block in the front drop outs etc..) I would put it in the other box and use my touring stuff (in stuff sacks) as stuffing between the boxes. Always worked (5X times to Europe).

The last time I brought three bikes and a trailer to Poland without any problems. Now I just take my bike Friday and don't worry at all.

Robert Mink Poznan Poland

------------- [POLBOX - REKLAMA] ---------------

Szukasz firmy? Kliknij

Polskie Ksiazki Telefoniczne


Robert Mink, February 14, 2000

Czech Republic and Poland

Altogether, very pleasant and simple. To get my bike from Wroclaw to Berlin was harder: There's only one train a day with a luggage van, and the Germans ban cycles in IC and EC trains. One can solve the problem by travelling under Polish rules to Frankfurt an der Oder, and changing to a German Rail regional train, which takes bikes.

Ben Haines, October 21, 1997

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