Bicycle Touring Experiences from Pakistan


On this page we attempt to make available the experience of individual bicycle tourists who travel to Pakistan (you can share your experiences here).


Leaving Pakistan from Islamabad April 2010 with Thai was charged full excess(they tryed to get extra), bike didnt need to be boxed. Bike neeeded front wheel removed to fit through x-ray machine.

matt, July 28, 2010


Took my bike to Pakistan on PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) - no problems with weight allowance or extra charges. If you live in the UK, you can book the flight through KE Adventure Travel - which will get you a discount and extra weight allowance.

I put it in a box - taxis from the airport to cheap hotels in Rawalpindi are peanuts, and the hotels will store your boxes for free. Usually, I don't bother with a box -- too much hassle at either end. Bike transport on buses in Pakistan is also easy - you'll pay a small surcharge to stash it on the roof - it's worth taking the bus to Gilgit to get past some dodgy tribal areas, then let it rip on the big stuff. Woohoo!

Pete's Website -

Pete Jones, August 29, 1999

India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal

India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal

All trains, buses and boats in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal take bikes. No need to pack them. For buses and boats just turn up: cycles are normal luggage. For trains turn up an hour or two before departure, go to the Foreign Tourist office of big stations, and at the luggage office of small stations, and ask how to book. Fees are negligable.

Cyclists in south Asia must take special care over dehydration and over theft: I'll happily send you a note if asked.

Ben Haines, London

Ben Haines, October 21, 1997

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