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Vitus Dee Review

Vitus, the French bicycle maker, has been well known since the 70s, having created a pioneering construction method. The Vitus Dee bikes are designed to be easy to manage, convenient, and affordable urban riding bikes.

For the most part, these bikes did deliver. Considering the price, the Vitus Dee offers good utility and decent riding. Even with a single gear, these bikes are pretty comfortable to ride, with tough finishing kits, easy handling, and reasonable componentry.

The pretty standard alloy frames and chromoly forks don’t offer anything spectacular, but we had a few test rides and had no real complaints. They are surprisingly and refreshingly lightweight for city bikes, and roll quite smoothly even on slightly rougher terrain. Quick release would have made for a better bike, however. The brakes may be a little on the weak side, but otherwise, these bikes are great budget choices.


  • Super cheap
  • Great value for money
  • Quite lightweight for a city bike
  • Good handling
  • Good finishing kit
  • Well suited for commuting and recreation
  • Manages bumpier terrain without too much trouble


  • Weak brakes

The Verdict

A super cheap bike that is pretty much perfect for smaller budgets, meeting most urban riding and leisure needs easily.

The Vitus Dee range of city bikes will suit the most basic needs, and we highly recommend it for its functionality and affordability. If need be, upgrading the componentry will not be expensive or difficult!

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