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United Recruit Review

United is a UK-based cycle manufacturer that has specialized in BMX bikes since 2006. We took their Recruit bikes out with some young family members to try and teach them a few tricks, and to see how these bikes held up.

Overall, our experiences were positive, but the kids had a lot of fun too. The steel frames seem to take quite a hit, which is ideal for new riders and kids. The kids certainly took a few spills trying to learn how to bunny hop and wheelie.

We were not pleased with the componentry used, United’s own, but they did the job, more or less. These bikes really look good, and the narrow frames make the bikes easy to handle and manage. The United tires are excellent for pulling off those basic tricks. The saddle is not very comfy, but you won’t be spending much time in it. Overall, these bikes will definitely be well suited for learning the ropes.


  • Quality, durable frames
  • Looks amazing
  • Ideal for kids and new riders
  • Good for basic tricks and BMX riding
  • Good wheelsets for the job


  • Uncomfortable saddle
  • United equipment a little underwhelming

The Verdict

These are great bikes for the novice mountain bike rider and kids looking to get started in the world of BMX.

The United Recruit bikes were fun to review. With several junior models and lots of colors, you can be sure these will make great gifts for your kids. Though these bikes aren’t perfect, they’re excellent for basic riding and smaller budgets.

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