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Trek Zektor Review

Trek Zektor is an aluminum commuter bike model designed in Scandinavia. The original model is a few years old, but the brand releases the product every year. The Zektor bikes have a reputation for being practical commuters. We took several of these bikes for a spin, and we were really intrigued by the perks it offered. The Scandinavian design itself is very interesting. These bikes obviously look very slim and lightweight. The exteriors are very shiny and stylish too. For overall geometry, Trek has gone with a steep and short design. Because of that, we found our test rides to be really responsive.

Notable features of these bikes include mudguard mounts and 32-hole double-walled alloy rims on the wheelset. The bikes come with 32mm tires that have reflective sidewalls. Really cool. You will likely get entry-level Shimano groupsets with the bikes on this model. We really liked the reliable Tektro M285 hydraulic disc brakes, suitable for heart stopping sudden halts. The components are really suitable for commuting all year round. However, we wouldn’t recommend trying this out on very wet or snowy streets.

The bikes overall are really practical, however, are more aggressive and faster than your average commuter. Our reviewers found the rides to be really engaging. The design is agile and nimble; basically what everyone looks for in a city commuter. This bike is good for racing too. However, it’s not suitable for off-road adventures. If you are looking for a practical, all-weather commuter, then this is it.


  • Agile and responsive
  • Faster and more aggressive than the average commuter
  • All weather riding
  • Eye-catching exterior


  • Not for off-road adventures

The Verdict

Trek Zektor is the commuter bike model for pragmatists. These bikes will ride well on almost any weather. For commuters, these bikes are faster than typical. Riding is really fun and engaging thanks to superior responsiveness. Plus, these bikes look really cool. If you are a dedicated urban cyclist, you could not go wrong with this model.

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