Trek X-Caliber

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Trek X-Caliber Review

Trek has been around for over four decades, and they have served up some award winning and competition winning bikes. While we wouldn’t call these cross country bikes top quality, they are great for their prices.

We took the X-Caliber models out for a spin on some nearby trails and into the city for a few test rides. For the most part, we were very satisfied. The frames are great quality, made from Alpha Gold Aluminum. The wheelset and custom forks gave us some excellent high-speed stability, with decent low-speed handling. Excellent precision, responsiveness, and control on most of the models as well.

The bottom of the line models had a few kinks to work out, however. We noticed that we couldn’t get our saddles low enough. Some of the models had decent frames but the forks lacked a firm enough spring. We also couldn’t really ignore the weightiness of the bikes. These seem highly durable and reliable, however. Just not the best of their class at this price range.


  • Great frames
  • Looks amazing
  • Precise and responsive
  • Good control on varying terrain
  • Stable at higher speeds and handles well even at lower speeds
  • Durable and reliable


  • A little on the heavy side
  • There are some better options available for this price range
  • Poor fork spring

The Verdict

Overall, not a bad choice of cross country hardtail MTB, given the relatively low choice, but you may want to upgrade if you buy.

The Trek X-Caliber is not bad at all, but despite some quality materials and affordability, we have seen better choices. If you don’t mind the weightiness or you are just looking for some leisurely trail riding, this is a decent buy.