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Trek Stache Review

When we took a look at the Trek Stache, we really loved the 29’ wheels and tires, which were perfect for gliding over the harshest bumps with no problems at all. This was a really great all-rounder that managed to do all the work necessary for bouncing across rough trails.

It’s nothing like what you expect it to be, that’s for sure. We went in thinking we would have another slow, annoying and clunky big wheeler on our hands but we weren’t more wrong in our life. We felt more like we were riding a hovercraft than an actual bicycle as we zoomed across the trails that we were testing it on with minimal bumps.

In fact, we were able to be so technical during our climbs that we found ourselves comparing the handling of the bike to that of bikes made for mountain and trial biking. The 110 mm Magnum Pro by Manitou fork is a welcome addition to the bike as well, providing the right amount of travel for any use.


  • Great fork and frame design
  • Lovely balloony tires for added damping
  • Super technical ride


  • The back end kicks every now and then

The Verdict

The Trek Stache is a big wheel bike that can do so much more than simply go on trails – it is capable of mastering the trail if you treat it right.

The Trek Stache was a pleasure to review, from the amazing tires and the great fork to the way in which the bike handled. While it did have little quirks, it was nothing we couldn’t get over!

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