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Trek Skye Review

Known for some pioneering technology in the industry, Trek has been able to do a solid job on women-friendly bikes for years now. We were quite happy with most of their other women-specific models, and were just as pleased with these.

Overall, these bikes did well on the trail and the pavement, picking up high speeds despite a slow start. The wheelset may feel a little draggy on corners, but provide an overall confident ride. That’s one of the reasons we feel these bikes are great for novices.

The SRAM drivetrains and derailleurs perform quite nicely on the trail. These bikes could take some long and steep climbs, especially thanks to the low gear ratio. The 26 inch wheels were good on the lifestyle models, but didn’t handle going off road too well. The lifestyle models were light, stiff, and agile, but lacked sufficient traction off road, so they’re best used for riding through the park and commuting.


  • Women specific geometry
  • Speedy
  • Good quality componentry
  • Lightweight aluminum frames
  • Stiff, agile


  • Draggy wheels at tight corners
  • Lifestyle model not so good off road, lacks traction
  • Slow to pick up speed

The Verdict

A well designed set of bikes for women riders, but better geared to beginner trail riders and commuters.

At an easily affordable price tag, the Trek Skye bikes are well worth a buy, so long as you don’t have major riding needs. These bikes are definitely god value for money, but they’re not ideal for heavy duty riding.

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