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Thee Trek Remedy is a mountain bike that looks like an aero bike in the way that it has been designed. It is primarily a trail bike and is a design that has remained only slightly changed for many years now because of how good it has been to both riders and the trails over the years.

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Bike Name Reseller Price
Trek Remedy 7 2018
Trek Remedy 7 2018
Trek Remedy 7 2018
Trek Remedy 7 2018
Trek Remedy 9.7 2018
Trek Remedy 9.7 2018
Trek Remedy 9.7 2018 15.5
Trek Remedy 9.7 2018 15.5
Trek Remedy 9.8 2018
Trek Remedy 9.8 2018

Trek Remedy Review

When we took a look at the Trek Remedy, we had a great time on it. The current model of the bike features a fork with 140mm of travel. There was also a choice of either 27.5 or 29” wheels, although the larger wheel meant a higher price for the bike.

While the 27.5” model is purely for entry level users, it is still one of the better trail bikes that we have tested out. The Remedy isn’t a bike that has a ton of good components, but it does have some great suspension – the Trek DRCV shock with dual air can design.

The bike is able to stand up to both types of bumps – the smaller and more repetitive bumps along with the bigger hits out there. The suspension in front is a RockShox Revelation fork that is able to provide 140mm of travel. In addition to this, we were able to control the bike really well over whatever type of trail we took it.

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  • Decent components
  • Reasonably weighted
  • Nice front suspension
  • Great on all types of trails
  • Trek DRCV shocks

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  • Could have had better components


The Verdict

The Trek Remedy is a great bike for the trails and the roads of today, whether it is going over the larger bumps or over the smaller ones. It is the best choice for anyone looking for the perfect remedy to their issues.

We really loved the Trek Remedy for all the remedial healing it gave our trail-hungry souls, although it could have had way better components. Overall, definitely a bike that we would suggest to anybody.

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