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Trek Procaliber Review

As with so many other models, the Trek Procaliber replaces the standard fixed joint between the horizontal and vertical parts of the frame with the flexible pivot – the ISOspeed coupling. This makes the cyclocross bike one of the most flexible and versatile out there.

In addition to this we noticed that the seat tube was flattened at the bottom, and the top of the seat actually moves a little whenever the bike goes over a bump. We didn’t think the ISOspeed would actually work that well, but when we tested it out on all the trails that we could think of, it actually did an incredible job of keeping our ride smooth.

While we did enjoy how well the damping system and the flex of the seat smoothed out our ride, it did tend to get a little too much so as we went over some of the bigger, rougher bumps. This led to us even wishing a little for the presence of a rear lockout.


  • Great frame design
  • Smooth ride
  • Lovely seat design
  • The ISOspeed coupling actually works
  • Great tires
  • Chunky chainstays


  • Could have had a rear lockout on the bike

The Verdict

The Trek Procaliber is definitely a bike that has been made for the professionals out there. It is one that will make you feel like you’re riding through the country on a bike made out of an air cushion.

We absolutely adored the Trek Procaliber, although we felt that a lot of what it could have had in terms of personality had been left out. That being said, this is a really solid, reliable bike for a variety of purposes, and we can’t recommend in enough!

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