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Trek Precaliber is a kiddie bike model for budding little cyclists. This is not a model with training wheels, so it’s only suitable for kids who already know the basics of balancing a bike. We recommend this model for children aged 5 to 8 who have shown an interest in cycling.

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Trek Precaliber 2020 Kids
Trek Precaliber 2020 Kids
Trek Precaliber 12 2020 Kids 12
Trek Precaliber 12 2020 Kids 12
Trek Precaliber 2020 Kids
Trek Precaliber 2020 Kids

Trek Precaliber Review

Trek Precaliber is a bike model for kids. These bikes are suitable for little cyclists aged between 5 and 8. The model is suitable for both boys and girls, though there is a Precaliber for boys edition. These bikes are lightweight and very suitable for getting your child to like mountain biking or road racing (safely). Precaliber bikes weight around 17 pounds. Despite that, these bikes are really rugged thanks to the well built frame. The geometry is well balanced so the rider doesn’t require a lot of skill to keep the bikes on track. We have to say that these bikes are suitable only for kids who already know how to balance a pedal bike.

We got several little cyclists to review the bikes for us. Some had just gotten out of training wheels. Most loved the bikes and didn’t have much to complain. The reviewers managed to tackle sidewalk rides, and several rides on roads with some minor slopes. When buying a bike for a child, we highly recommend paying attention to the seat height and brakes. The Precaliber bikes have well adjusted seat posts with some extra heights to allow for easy pedaling.

One big disappointment with the Precaliber bikes is that these models come with pinch brakes. For kids bikes, handbrakes are highly recommended. Considering the price we paid, we expected at least one bike to have handbrakes, but this model is big on pinch brakes.

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  • Good frame geometry
  • Well adjusted seat posts

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  • Pinch brakes not handbrakes available


The Verdict

Trek Precaliber is a great bike model to get your tot interested in more than balancing a bike. These bikes will get your child on to more challenging trails than your backyard. One big con though are the pinch brakes. Some components are upgradeable. We recommend switching to a handbrake model as soon as the rider outgrows the bikes.

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