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Trek Neko Review

While Trek may be well known for other specialties, their women specific bikes are pretty darn good. With the Trek Neko range, they’ve clearly paid attention to making each model comfortable and convenient. These bikes look great, and are well suited to hit the streets in style.

We really enjoyed getting to review these bikes because they are clearly well made and handle quite beautifully considering their basic construction. Trek has kept the minimum gear ratio low on these bikes to allow for easier climbs and longer distances. Of course, if you’re looking for speed, these are not the choicest commuters. The quick release also feels a little weak, but it’ll take a lot more riding to see how that holds up.

We tried them on dirt roads and they didn’t hold up too well, so we’d suggest that you stick to pavement if you get a Neko. You can add a rack and mudguards too as they’re plenty of space.

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  • Looks amazing
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Low minimum gear ratio makes climbs easy
  • Value for money
  • Can mount rack and fenders

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  • Quick release may not hold up
  • Not so hot on the dirt


The Verdict

Definitely a good budget buy for commuters and leisure riders with basic riding needs.

We were overall very happy with the Trek Neko bikes. If you just add a rack and fenders, these bikes are perfect for riding to school or work. If you need a speedy hybrid though, these aren’t the bikes you’re looking for.

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