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If you are looking for a fitness bike that offers functionality and good specs for an easy to afford price tag, then you should definitely check out the Trek FX bikes. These bikes have a huge variety of bikes for men and women, ranging from a couple of hundred dollars to a couple of thousand.

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Trek FX 2 Disc 2020
Trek FX 2 Disc 2020
Trek FX 3 Disc 2020
Trek FX 3 Disc 2020
Trek FX Sport 4 Carbon 2021
Trek FX Sport 4 Carbon 2021
Trek FX 3 Disc Stagger Equipped 2021
Trek FX 3 Disc Stagger Equipped 2021

Trek FX Review

There is something for everyone with this range, but because the Trek FX is so varied, you should consider your needs carefully and compare these bikes to see which is best for you. You should also make use of the scores of customization or upgrade options available for each bike. We took a few of the models out to test ride for this review.

The cheapest of the Trex FX bikes lacked the ideal weight for a fitness bike, but if you are looking for some intense exercise, then this will work in your favor! However we loved the ergonomic design and finishing kit. These bikes also have built-in mounts for racks and mudgards. If you want a lighter weight, the women-specific models and higher priced models of this range will provide.

The best model in this range sports a full carbon frame and fork and Shimano 105 drivetrains. For the $2000 or so you’ll have to spend for carbon frames and just 105 components, it may not be worth the buy. But you can upgrade, and you certainly can be assured of a super compliant and smooth ride, as we noted with our testing. This model also takes some heavy duty rough roads, and has the right stiffness for power and confidence.


  • Light frames on higher end models
  • Can upgrade easily (even from the 105s!)
  • Variety of sizes and models
  • Women-specific models available with lighter weights
  • Fender and rack mounts available for easy mounting


  • Cheaper models are heavy
  • Are the Shimano 105s worth the price tag??

The Verdict

A great choice of road bikes for fitness and fun, with some of the widest options for upgrades and decent prices (mostly).

We did like the Trek FX range overall, and few complaints we had can be avoided or upgraded if needed. Since this range is so broad, take some time to make your selection before buying. We recommend the FX S 5 as a nice middle ground, with a few upgrades, which won’t cost too much.

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