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Trek Fuel Ex Review

Trek has been around for decades, and needless to say, they know a thing or two about mountain bikes. For this line, Trek has hit a few good upgrades, with much more aggressive and aesthetically pleasing geometry, better travel with bigger wheelsets, and some excellent alloy and carbon material options.

Before we even jumped on these bikes to take them for a spin, just wheeling them out made us take note at once of the silence and smoothness these bikes offered. At the top of the line, the bikes cost close to $10K, but this may just be worth it for the light and silent cable management system, the high quality suspension, and the high tire clearance. Light weight OCLV carbon material and high quality SRAM drivetrains on the top models make for light and easy handling.

On even the bottom models, stiff, dense frames come in alpha platinum aluminum, with RockShox suspension. Adjustable geometry and Shimano hydraulic brakes make for quality rides. The only fatal flaw that several test rides revealed is that some of these models don’t handle too well downhill.


  • More travel
  • OCLV carbon
  • SRAM and Shimano componentry
  • Light and smooth rides
  • Adjustable geometry
  • Silent cable management system
  • Better tire clearance


  • Poor handling downhill
  • A little expensive

The Verdict

These mid to high range mountain bikes are definitely worth the buy, and offer top notch specs and performance even at the lower price tags.

It’s hard to find fault with the Trek Fuel Ex line of MTBs, but you will have to shell out quite a bit to get this kind of quality. If you want the smoothest rides on all kinds of terrain, this is one of the most highly recommended ranges.

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