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Trek Farley Review

The Trek Bicycle Corporation is a world-renowned manufacturer, and has been around since the 70s. the Trek Farley bikes are designed to just what their namesakes suggest, hitting trails and trekking through snow and dirt.

We tried these bikes out on some rough, snowy trails to see just how well they might hold up. They didn’t disappoints, except for one or two little hiccups. Before we even took these bikes out, we had to admire them. The Farley bikes do look awesome, with some solid modern geometry.

The weight is pretty average across the range, with these bikes picking up speed easily, even on rougher snowy trails. For the adventure lover, these are great all-weather bikes. Don’t venture into deep snow though.

There are a few issues that we had though. While these bikes were pretty nimble and agile throughout our test rides, the front derailleurs were just not up to par. It’s easy to upgrade these bikes, so a quick swap should solve this.


  • Great design and geometry
  • Good speeds
  • Well set up for snow and rough trails
  • Lots of size choices
  • Nimble and agile riding


  • Poor front derailleurs on some models
  • 26 inch wheels a little underwhelming with traction
  • A bit expensive given the specs

The Verdict

A decent choice for all-weather riding for enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies who can afford to shell out a few thousands for adventure.

The Trek Farley bikes do deliver some great performance in the snow and dirt across the range, but you might want to swap out some of the componentry and upgrade. We have reviewed some better bikes from Trek and its competitors at this price range, but this is not a bad choice for serious riders.

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