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The Trek DS is a combination of an on-road and off-road bike that is more than capable of taking on the other hybrid bikes on the market and coming out on top. It is competent to ride, insanely comfortable, and is able to switch between riding scenarios with zero issues.

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Trek DS 3 2019
Trek DS 3 2019
Trek DS 3 2018 15.5 Zoll waterloo pearl
Trek DS 3 2018 15.5 Zoll waterloo pearl
Trek DS 1 2019
Trek DS 1 2019
Trek DS 2 2019
Trek DS 2 2019
Trek DS 4 2019
Trek DS 4 2019

Trek DS Review

The DS in the Trek DS stands for Dual Sport – it is a hybrid bike that is made for both racing and commuting without any problems at all. It isn’t even on the expensive side of things, which makes it the perfect budget hybrid. Weighing in at just 13kg, this is a machine that is made to balance between speed and comfort for any cyclist.

We noticed that the fork of the bike wasn’t the most elaborate – it made use of an SR Suntour fork that had just 63mm of travel. In addition to this, there was a 20mm damping system on the rear for the little bumps that every city rider is bound to come across.

One of the things we did take into account was that the bike was obviously made more for comfort than for shear speed, and this is very obvious throughout the ride as it was definitely one of the most comfortable speed-bikes we have been on. Pair this with the Bontrager LT3 tires and you have yourself a great package overall.

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  • Amazing frame design
  • 30 speed gearing
  • Shimano crankset
  • Bontrager tires are very durable
  • Great weight for comfort and speed

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  • Fork was a little too basic for our taste


The Verdict

The Trek DS is a bike that lives up to its name of being a Dual Sport machine – it is able to keep you fast and comfortable whether you are on a racing tarmac or the streets of the big city.

When riding the Trek DS, we noticed that it was a great fit for just about any rider, and especially one on a budget because of the way this is competitively priced. We do recommend this to anyone in the mood for a great hybrid at a greater price.

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