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The Subrosa Tiro BMX comes at an easy price of around three hundred bucks, and it does a pretty good job in the dirt and on the street too. These bikes look great and perform well enough if you want to get started with some basic tricks.

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Subrosa Tiro 2019 Satin Army 21
Subrosa Tiro 2019 Satin Army 21
$370 $382
Subrosa Tiro 2019 20.5 Satin
Subrosa Tiro 2019 20.5 Satin
$370 $360
Subrosa Tiro 2019 20.5 Satin
Subrosa Tiro 2019 20.5 Satin
$622 $311
You save 50%

Subrosa Tiro Review

Subrosa may have only been around a couple of years so far, but they’ve quickly earned a reputation for the BMX lifestyle. The manufacturers live, eat, and breathe everything BMX, so it is no surprise that we really liked their Tiro model.

We took this great looking bike out for a few test rides and tricks to see if it performed as nicely as it looks. For the most part, we were quite happy. At around 27 pounds, the bike frame is made from hi tensile steel and it’s surprisingly responsive. Of course, we didn’t spend a lot of time sitting down, as we really were just trying to see how much air we could get!

No, it’s not exactly a big player, but it’s a strong and durable bike, so we were able to manage a few tricks without losing confidence. This is definitely a reliable bike for this price tag. The Rant componentry works well for Subrosa, and we were pretty happy with it ourselves. This is definitely suited for new riders looking to cut their teeth.


  • Rides well on rough trails
  • Strong and durable
  • Decent specs
  • Perfect for new riders
  • Good weight
  • Looks like a pro


  • Could use a comfier seat!

The Verdict

This bike looks like a pro and comes reasonably close to acting like one too; an excellent starter bike for beginners and for practicing.

At this price, you’re getting quite a steal with the Subrosa Tiro . This BMX company really knows their way around a bike. We recommend the Tiro if you need something that can take a few hits while you learn the ropes.

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