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Subrosa Simone Barraco Review

The Subrosa Simone Barraco was a bike that we received with a lot of hype, because we had been looking forward to reviewing it for quite a while. Stories have been told about how the 100% Chromoly frame, fork and bars handle and last through the days with little to no wear and tear.

These felt true to their word when we took the bike out for a spin. The grips, bar end and stem were all of the Shadow brand, which is known for some pretty premium looking components, and the front and rear rims and hubs are all Rant alloy components.

The tires are 2.3” Shadow Strada, which made for some pretty great rides overall. We had a ton of fun on the different tracks that we tried this number out on, no matter how harsh and hard we pushed the bike. It always managed to deliver without seeming overly scary when performing the more breakneck stunts that we knew.
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  • Signature line approved by a legend
  • Great materials and design
  • Matches Barraco’s personal setup right now
  • Best gearing and components on the market

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  • A little expensive


The Verdict

A signature bike with a truly signature feel to it, the Subrosa Simone Barraco is one that is made for the history books with its handling, endurance and performance.

We had the best time ever when trying the bike out and were sad to see it leave our hands when the review was done. This is definitely one that will stick with you for time to come!

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