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Subrosa is a company that has made a good name for itself in the BMX industry, and the Malum is one of their most famed lineups of bikes. The Subrosa Malum doesn’t fail to disappoint in terms of how it looks, feels and how long its lifetime is, along with some of the best components out there.

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Subrosa Malum 2020 - 21
Subrosa Malum 2020 - 21
Subrosa Malum 2020 21
Subrosa Malum 2020 21
Subrosa Malum 2020 21
Subrosa Malum 2020 21
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Subrosa Malum Review

The Subrosa Malum can be described in one word: class. It looks like an old school cruiser right out of the late 40s, and it feels like one too, although the handling is among the best in its class. It is made to find the perfect balance between speed and stunt capabilities, and does a very good job of it too.

It comes in a range of different sizes, and we had to sample a few of them in order to learn more about the range in general. The frame, fork and bars were made of chromoly for the highest endurance possible on the harsher jumps. Landing on hard tarmac isn’t going to be easy going for any bike, but the Malum handles them all remarkably well.

In addition to this, the weight is perfect for performing the more intense stunts without impacting the speed of the bike overall. We had an absolute blast (and more than a few falls) while riding this bike, that’s for sure!


  • Classy outer appearance
  • Great speed and handling
  • High weight
  • Durable frame and components


  • Can feel a little difficult for some users

The Verdict

The Subrosa Malum rules the streets in terms of classic looking BMX bikes that are capable of getting you there fast and in style.

From the great build to the stunt capabilities and the classy design, the Subrosa Malum is a bike that you want in your garage, that’s for sure!

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