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Subrosa Hoang Tran Review

The Subrosa Hoang Tran came to us looking absolutely beautiful, and we did not fail to love every bit of it. The frame is made completely out of seamless Chromoly TT with removable brake mounts built into it.

The fork and the handlebar are both of the same materials as well, with a 8.5 rise on the handlebars and a 30mm offset for the fork. The cranks, stem and sprocket are all patented Subrosa creations (we particularly liked the name of the cranks – Subrosa “Bitchin” cranks).

The tires were Subrosa Streetdiggers, made for the tarmac, and they didn’t fail to please when we tried them out. Weighing in at just 12kg, we found that the bike was a pleasure to handle even though we thought it would be a little on the light side initially.

We also loved just how durable it was, lasting through the toughest bumps and landings without so much as a creak of complaint. Overall, the bike pleased us more than we even thought possible, and we didn’t really want to get off it in the end.

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  • Looks amazing
  • Premium feel for a decent price
  • Very durable
  • Great components
  • Comfortable saddle

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  • Can feel a little bad in the handling department on rare occasion


The Verdict

Made for the streets, the Subrosa Hoang Tran is a bike that is made to be just like most pro BMXs for the street stuntsman in you.

From the durability to the great build quality, the Subrosa Hoang Tran was a great ride that we didn’t like to end. You should check it, and the other Subrosa models, out when you can!

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